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Artistic environment of festivities wore carnival spectacular nature. Washington society masquerades started to like and, along with the public have appear many masquerades, arranged in private homes. Eventually masquerades became so popular that when, after World War II In 1812 it became necessary to create equity (stock) in favor of injured and disabledthe Government has decided to collect it by means of for it is public masquerades. In 1816 Emperor Alexander 1 signed a corresponding decree on that "every theater in the state obliged to give masquerades for Disabled Soldiers once a year ... " In the reign of Emperor Nicholas 1 masquerades became more regulated pleasure and their conduct had paid a special "privilege" and that was in 1829, retired colonel Vasily Engelhardt, who built on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg a big house, which he began to pass under the social and entertainment.

V. Engelhardt (1785-1837) - grandson of one of the sisters' favorite of the Empress Catherine II of Prince A.G.Potemkina-Tauride according to Prince PA Vyazemsky: "Well and was popularly known Petersburg. Prodigal rich, not have ignored amusements of life, a big player, though it seems at its Age more loser than winner, builder in St. Petersburg home: strays a bit on the Palais-Royal (old palace of the Dukes of Orleans in Paris, part of which was delivered in 18 century shops, cafes, gambling houses and etc.) with their public amusements, cafes and restaurants. Construction this house was an event in the social life of the capital and in the 30 years this house served as a meeting place for all of St. Petersburg society of young people ... "

After opening at the home of Engelhardt masquerades one of the journalists, although in promotional purposes, wrote: "This is the temple of taste, the temple of glory, is open to public! All that was invented by a luxury that has acquired finesse Hostels connected here. Thousands of candles lit in rich bronze chandeliers and reflected in mirrors, marble and parquet. Great music thunders in the vast halls ... " In a masquerade Engelhardt could come anyone who paid for the ticket. Therefore, it was attended by both representatives of high society, and sufficiently large part of the urban strata, which also contributed to the style of communication a share of liberties.

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