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Catherine II, as Elizabeth, was very fond of masquerades. Every Friday Palace going up to 4 thousand people, and often it was hard to guess who disguised. Intrigued at the masquerade, teased podygrovali not the risk of being exposed. Catherine herself loved to ride on someone else's Masquerades incognito and play those who did not recognize her. One, wearing an officer's coat and a pink domino (cape), she was haunted courting unsuspecting Princess Dolgorouky. First to maintain and augment traditional court masquerades. Known that the carnival in the park Oranienbaum she had spent up to 15 thousand rubles (at its annual income to the coronation of thirty thousand). To feast on the territory Park were built temporary decoration, mobile and static plant. At the largest chariot drawn by 20 mules, were several dozen singers and musicians.The stage is decorated with a sparkling and magnificent Illuminated curtain. In the carnival procession attended Herald heralds, clowns, clowns, dancers and dancers, a noise band, with trumpets; timpani, drums.

We must pay tribute to Catherine II: in her presence, as never before, there were largest folk festivals with carnivals. Twelve years after the grand carnival and masquerade parades "The Triumph of Minerva" 21-23 June 1775, Moscow again became a place of great carnival festivities in honor of Russian victory over Turkey and the accession Crimea to Russia. This festival was held in three miles from town, on vast meadow by the river Khodynka. The history of the organization and conduct of the carnival celebrations known well enough. By the architect B.Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov vast wasteland was turned into a game and decorated space, lined in the form of a giant "sea map. C using compacted sand and gravel, the system of ditches and trenches, tracks and hits her designated place of conventional cities, islands, peninsulas, rivers and etc.Designers "built" Azov and Kerch, Krivoy Rog and the Turkish fortress with towers, turrets, minarets and mosques. Near them were placed, as if on roads, sailboats and yachts. This decorative transformed space from the city were two roads were turned into "Don" and "Dnepr". And themselves "City" and "fortress" functioned as a trade fair series, buffets, entertainment facilities for theatrical performances, dance halls. Everywhere posted Amusement games, swings, roundabouts.

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