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Characteristics of fitness - training I had to start from scratch to explain the meaning of "fitness," explains Features fitness - programs that teach people the right deal. The principal difference between the new "fitness" of physical education is that now we must pay for their own good physical shape. This perfectly normal for our modern life. The only problem which occurs in the whole country as a whole, is that fitness clubs are not prepare for future sporting champions.This is - physical activity for all willing to spend their money with the comfort, pleasure and for health. (Glahan LM 2000).

Let us hope that our government would soon come to his senses and starts to take active steps in this direction. And then we shall win again left positions in sport: we will have great commercial fitness - clubs All and all necessary and available for gifted children and adolescents. So, what offers fitness - industry. Any fitness - club provides a range of services including: unlimited aerobics - is one of the most popular and accessible fitnecs- programs. If you do not know how to dance, but just want to move under music - you might want to force aerobics classes aimed at developing strength endurance and improved body composition. Beside classic aerobics clubs widely used step-aerobics - lessons from using the step - the platform, which is based on nashagivanie platform in various ways. On a positive impact on the organism, particularly on the development general endurance and decrease body fat component, a lesson step - aerobic exercise equivalent to running 20 km in a good pace. Dance aerobics - is a great opportunity to not only learn latin dance, samba and hip-hop, but also excellent work out. There are also special classes of aerobics, which require special equipment. This saykl - or aerobics at lightweight, stationary bicycles to simulate a real cycling, aerobics on the slides - this is slip on a smooth surface in the special socks. And of course pump - This aerobics using special rods in a soft shell (KISLUKHIN II 1995).

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