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In classical dance, there are a variety of shapes: straight (en face), a half-turn (epaulement), back and in profile to the viewer. The most widely dance of the provisions epaulement and en face. Epaulement - provision figures in the half-turn to the audience on the diagonal. It closely associated with the concepts croise and efface. The concept croise means crossed lines in the attitude of dancing (in the direction rotation of the head and the body creates as it crossed the line, his legs too crossed).

The concept efface mean elaborate provision figures without crossed liniy.1 For example, if the V position right leg is forward, building turn your right shoulder forward, head to the right - this position epaulement croise. If, without changing the rotation of the shoulders and head, put your right foot back crossed the lines disappear, the figure takes the position epaulement efface. Concepts croise and efface closely associated with small and large postures classical dance.

In the first class position epaulement introduced in the second half of the year exercises in the middle of the hall, on plie in III, IV and V positions, then, when study poses, port de bras and temps lie. Stability - One of the main elements of classical dance. Status figures in postures and exercises on the whole foot, on polupaltsah and fingers on two and on one leg must be confident, stable, without offset pivot foot and jump on it. Save on long-term stability polupaltsah and toes on one foot in fixed position difficult. Even harder not to lose the stability of posture after high jump and landing on one foot,after the jump with rotation in airas well as tours and pirouettes. Developing sustainability begins with the first class,when produced formulation of the legs and body in the exercises at the poles and the ability to distribute center body weight evenly on one or two feet. Status figures with should be verticalwithout tilting forward or backward and bending at the waist; back straight, gluteal muscles tightened. Loins enhanced voltage dorsal muscles. Do not hold back with the stress connected blades, it will inevitably weaken the smartness waist.

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