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They develop a step considerably more active than developpes: large, energetic throw legs contributes to the development of internal thigh muscles and tendons, reinforces the work of the hip joint, which is mainly in the development of step.

Summing up the exercises at the stick, we see that each exercise contributes to work the muscles of the hip and knee joints a new addition: entry climbing polupaltsy, combinations become more complicated, in some movements accelerated pace (eg: ronds de jambe en l `air, petits battements sur le cou-de-pied, etc. The first marks a quarter, then on the eighth and sixteenth share).

Big load falls in exercises and on the supporting leg, strongly elongated, Reverse and accepting the burden of the whole body. Housing for all exercises is in an upright position and fit, except in moments when his inclination, bending or turning required combination. In the movements of her hands on the positions and postures generated softness. Staging hands and assigning proper forms occur mainly in the II position. Various tilt and rotate the head accompany all movement exercises, starting with the first exercise in a stick. Exercise in the middle of the room has the same meaning and development, as Exercise a stick. The sequence of its basically the same. At the middle of the room he much more difficult, as should Reverse keep legs and balance body (Especially polupaltsah) without the aid of a stick. Proper distribution center gravity slim body in two and on one leg, straight hips and particularly slim and Reverse thigh running feet - main condition to acquire the resistance.

Working in front of a mirror, we should not focus on any separate parts of the body - must cover the entire look of the figure, watching correct shape and position of the feet. But apart from visual perception must be and the feeling of the whole body, his composure and smartness. In the first class exercises on the middle of the hall is a strictly sequential program order and is executed in full. In the second - in the same sequence as that of the stick, but with the addition plie in all positions simplest developpes. In the third grade to plie in positions added demi rond de jambe developpe and great posture.

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