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Dynamic muscle strength - the ability to maximize rapid (explosive) manifestation of the efforts of a large burdening or own body weight. This is a short-term emission energy, which does not require oxygen, as itself. The growth of muscle strength is often accompanied by increased volume and muscle density - "building" of muscles. In addition to the aesthetic value enlarged muscles less susceptible to damage and help control weight, because muscle tissue requires more calories than fat, even in holiday.

Agility - the ability to perform the coordination and complex motor actions. Composition (composition) of the body - the proportion of fat, bone and muscle tissue your body.This ratio, in part, shows the state of your health and physical training, depending on your weight and age (IB Odintsov 2002). Excess body fat increases the risk of disease heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Fitness classes - a complete restoration and maintenance of health: Nutrition,cleansing of the body and individual programs exercise. In many European countries today is the fitness global program aimed at improving the health of the nation. As noted by professionals, the exact answer to the question: "What is fitness?" not exists: dealing with them do not see the need for legal precision definitions. Simply Fitness gives everyone what he wants.

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