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The fourth position: feet are parallel to one against the other on the distance of the feet. Toe of one foot against the heel has another. Fifth position: feet are Reverse, one before the other, and closely adjoin to each other. Toe of one foot should be at the heels of another. 1.The initial study of the positions of the feet are facing the stick during approximately two weeks.

Get up to a stick person, put your feet heels together, toes slightly expand (Not Reverse). The muscles of the legs are stretched, knees extended, hands are surface of the stick in front of the shoulders, and not bow stick, and freely lie on it (the thumb attached to the rest, also lies on the surface sticks). Fingers touching each other. Elbows freely omitted and are slightly in front of the shell against his hands. The head is kept straight.View directed forward. Corps placed vertically, stomach tucked, gluteal muscles are identified and tense, his shoulders dropped, the chest opened. Shoulders not compressed, and located in a quiet state. Having prepared the correct position throughout the figures to stand in the I position. For this, without moving the heel and not separating it from the floor, take back to the Reverse of the right foot.

Following this deployment, and left foot so that both feet are formed straight line. Center of gravity of the body equally distributed on both legs. Turning from the I position II, right, working, 1 foot from the elongated rise and fingers take the side in a straight line while passing the center gravity of the body to the left supporting leg, which at the time of the motion remains stationary and Reverse. When lowering the heels of running feet on the floor at the II position of center of gravity of the body is distributed evenly on both feet. Hands easy to slide on a stick and move, the position of brushes against the shoulders preserved. Turning to the III position, pull the rise and fingers of his right foot, transfer center body weight on his left leg and move his hands on a stick, putting them against the shoulders. A working leg moves in a straight line to the reference. Putting feet in the III position (heel of one tightly pressed to the middle of the other foot) transfer center of gravity of the body evenly on both feet.

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