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Fancy Festival in Russia.

Carnival celebrations in Russia - a phenomenon dualistic (dual) order: on the one hand, they were borrowed from the experience of European carnival culture and initially forcibly implanted supreme power, on the other - had their own strong national roots in folk festive culture that holds the experience of organizing and decorating Theatre spectacular pagan and religious (Christian) holiday parades, indispensable tools which were masks, disguises,transfiguration of participants.

Carnival masks and costumes - not just hiding face mask, "harey""Mug". Their purpose was not so much to deceive the viewer,Artists make unrecognizable, and in factto bear some information, sometimes through the myth, the legend and the utopia of the past allegorically disclose the meaning of life, life and death, freedom and immortality of the spirit. In short: for carnival laughter is the statement a man's strength, his confidence in the possibility of freedom, for the fantasy masks and clothing - the myth and symbol, through subconscious mind and mood - an expression of ideals, aspirations, representations and good and evil, light and darkness, of love and hate, joy, and perhaps even unreasoning fear. Like any festival, carnival primarily the problem of man, human being, behavior, communication.But do not just live communication - a sign of the carnival: he simultaneous game, action, spectacle, performance, demonstration. In the process of communication by a peculiar synthesis of life and art. Carnival costumes and masks helped buy the freedom of action, become direct and unrecognizable, be discreet in their interpersonal and somewhere and impersonal communication. In the mask could behave freely and even provocatively, forgetting social conventions. Mask characterized the sacred right masquerade party to be unrecognizable. Some have used this and masquerades take their scores with their enemies.

Proof of this can be found in a poem by Lermontov "Masquerade": "Under the guise of all ranks are equal, Do masks a soul, or calling not - is a body. And if the mask features utaeny, That mask with feelings safely removed. " Carnival-masquerade spectacle in Russia XVIII century were a tangible link with European carnival. However, the Russian Carnival, fertilized Western innovations, matured on fertile soil, fed centuries-old traditions of pagan culture, folklore, folk art, original clowning.

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