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Fitness - is, first and foremost, a healthy lifestyle. Fitness - Reply Rights to the accelerating pace of life. The desire to be in the form - natural desire, the more relevant now, when illness and bad habits have this luxury. Fitness - a chance to change the quality of life without radicalism and excessive force, the most advanced system to date training,which incorporates all the most effective methods of "educating the body" (Medina, EN 2000). One and the final determination of fitness does not exist. Still discrepancy is observed even in the spelling of the word "fitness" and "fitness". Often in English the expression "To be fit", that can translated as "to be in shape." The textbook (Hawley TE, Franks BD 2000) "Health Fitness" can be read the following definition of different fitness categories: general fitness - are striving for optimum quality life, including social, mental, spiritual and physical components. Use the same term "positive health".

Physical fitness - the desire for optimal quality of life, which includes the achievement of higher levels of preparedness among the states testing, low risk of damage to health. This condition is known as as good physical condition or physical preparedness. In Russian the word "fitness" has acquired several meanings. First, under This term refers to a set of measures ensuring versatile physical development, improvement and development of its health. Typically, this weight training, aimed at strengthen and increase muscle mass, the so-called "Aerobic" or "cardio" Training aimed at development of cardiovascular and respiratory systemsexercise flexibility, create a culture of nutrition and healthy life. The closest to this concept of "fitness" in the Russian language will be the notion of "physical culture" or "Training".

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