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The fourth exercise - battements fondus. This is the first movement, in which pivot foot is raised on polupaltsy, preparing for further, more intensive work. Fondus produce softness squats and elasticity required in jumping. These movements can be compared with stretching and moderate reduction tight rubber band.

By battements fondus join frappes and doubles frappes, which performed rapidly and vigorously. It teaches the muscles and tendons quickly (Contrast) to switch from soft, flowing movements to sudden (staccato). The fifth exercise - ronds de jambe en l `air, are developing mobility knee ligaments and giving it strength and elasticity. Ronds de jambe en 1'air-circular motions with his feet in the air at an altitude of 45 - can be combined with tours sur le cou-de-pied and petits battements sur le cou-de-pied. Here also the switching of the muscles and ligaments. It is recommended to perform ronds de jambe en 1'air and 90 ; it produces by hip and leg to prepare long-term operation (with Reverse hip) on this altitude.

Six exercises - petits battements sur le cou-de-pied - produces fast, fluent in the lower part of leg (from knee to toe) in Reverse and stationary top. From battements sur le cou-de- pied can combine tours and turns. Seventh Exercise - battements developpes. This is the most difficult movement exercises;It turns 90 and above and requires thorough preparation. Developpes developing step and the strength of the thigh, which helps keep the foot on maximum height. Developpes prepare the body to the complex adagio in the middle of the hall, as well as to jumping, where the force is necessary when the hips push from the floor and soft poluprisedaniya after the jump. The eighth exercise to wrap Exercise, - grands battements jete (large Batman).

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