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From fourth grade before exersise recommended simple in form little adagio (no more than eight bars of 4 / 4), connecting it in combination with battements tendus and jetes and to small tours sur le cou-de-pied. In the middle, and high number of exercises can reduce the expense of compound movements. The combinations are becoming more complex and varied. The main motion exercises on the middle of the hall, which must be performed daily, we can assume battements tendus, jetes, fondus and large battements.

Rond de jambe par terre, rond de jambe en 1'air, battements frappes, doubles frappes and petits battements sur le cou-de-pied can be combined with basic movements. Dance phrase, consisting of various types developpe, slow rotations in positions (tours lent), port de bras, all kinds of renverse, grand fouette, tours sur le cou-de-pied and tours in big poses, called adagio.

Adagio movements studied progressively.In the lower grades adagio consists of the simplest forms of releve lent to 90 , developpe, port de bras, executed in slow pace and the whole foot. In the middle grades adagio complicated turns in big positions, long resistance to polupaltsah in positions at 90 , preparation for tours and tours in large positions; tours sur le cou-de-pied, the transitions from posture to posture, etc. Rate adagio, compared with younger classes, several accelerated. In high school, the concept adagio becomes conditional, since it can be performed not only in a moderate tempo, but in the accelerated and has a in the construction so that it includes more rotational motions, tours, renverse, fouette and some jumps.

This is not typical adagio: accelerated pace and dynamism of its closer to allegro, preparing the body to pas allegro. Value adagio extremely large: it combines a number of movements in a harmonious whole, develops and reinforces the correct form of classical dance movements. If the junior and middle grades adagio produces stability, skills proficiency in the body (in transitions from pose to pose) and smooth expressive hand movements, then in high school use in adagio technically difficult movements performed, usually on polupaltsah, their complex and diverse combination of comprehensive technical summary preparation.

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