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Increases total lung capacity and vital capacity - part of light directly involved in the exchange of gases between air and blood. The number of blood vessels in the lungs, which makes it possible to time of more blood and less time devour oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide (Rogozhin, MF 1999). If we compare the human respiratory system is regularly involved in fitness and a person with ordinary man body in the performance of muscular work that can see: a working fitness, activity of the respiratory system increases mainly due to increased depth of respiration, the untrained - mainly due to increase in frequency of respiration. In the latter case respiratory muscles are working with high voltage, which leads to their rapid fatigue and refuse to work.

The people involved in fitness during muscle work increased significantly surface of the lungs, more blood vessels that participate in gas exchange.The same load of dealing with the organism causing less increase of the respiratory system than in the untrained (as slightly more than a trained body, they improved the number of blood vessels, as well as increased lung surface, taking direct participate in gas exchange).

After working people involved in fitness quickly restored the frequency of and depth of breathing,than the untrained (Rogozhin, MF 1999). To conclude this section I want to note. When the muscles of the enhanced work of smooth muscles of the respiratory tract (trachea,bronchi).This promotes more rapid sputum discharge of those bodies, which standard forms for each person. At a delay of sputum in the lungs and airway conditions are favorable for the development of infections, increase in the rate of slippage - reduces the risk of infectious diseases Respiratory (Grajewo ND 1976). So peopleregularly engaged in fitness,rarely suffer from respiratory diseases.

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