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Introduction Health - an invaluable asset not only to each person, but only society. In meetings and partings with near and dear people, we want them good and good health, as it is - the main condition and guarantee a full and happy life. Health is helping us to fulfill our plans, successfully solve the basic problems of life, overcome difficulties, and if need, then significant overload. Good health, reasonably conserved and strengthened by the man himself, gives him a long and active life. Scientific evidence indicates that the majority of people subject to of hygienic rules have the opportunity to live to 100 years or more. Unfortunately, many people do not respect the most simple, sound science norms of a healthy lifestyle. Some victims immobility (Hypodynamic), which causes premature aging, and other excesses in food with the almost inevitable in these cases, the development of obesity, sclerosis, and in Some - diabetes, others do not know how to relax, be distracted from industrial and household cares, ever restless, nervous, suffer insomnia, which ultimately leads to numerous diseases internal organs.

A number of people succumbing to addiction to smoking and alcohol, actively shorten its life. Medical research found that regular physical training culture, respect for proper motor and hygienic regime are a powerful means of preventing many diseases, the maintenance normal level of activity and efficiency of the organism (K. Sheehy 2001). Formation of human beings at all stages of its evolutionary development took place in inseparable from the active muscle activity. The human develops in constant motion. The very nature disposed so that a person must develop their physical abilities. The child is was born, and its future development is interrelated with physical activity.

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