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The need for movement is a characteristic feature of the growing organism. Unfortunately, the adult feels much less need for movements than the child. But the movement is necessary as food and sleep. Lack food and sleep is captured by the body, causing a range of painful sensations. The motor failure is completely unnoticed, but often accompanied by even a sense of comfort. When the motor deficit activity is reduced resistance to colds and action pathogens. Those leading a sedentary lifestyle, more suffer from respiratory diseases and circulatory system. Decreased motor activity in conjunction with eating disorders and wrong way of life gives rise to excess body weight by deposition of fat in the tissues (Zakaryan L.Kh. 2001). There are many systems training, but in principle, there is no single type of training for all - each individually. Only type of training, which takes into account all your particular shape, which depending on your somatotype offer you an exercise program that includes classes with weights and aerobics - is fitness. The concept of "fitness" has become a part of our Life, created by fitness clubs, publishes magazines, fitness competitions are held. Fitness has become a way of life, leading to physical and mental health rights.Fitness includes training in the gym, and aerobics, and nutrition - in a word, fitness - it is a way of life, which is usually called "healthy".

Curative effect of fitness is associated with increased physical activity, strengthening of the musculoskeletal system,activation of metabolism. As a result of insufficient physical activity in the human body violated the neuro-reflex connectioninherent nature and enshrined in during hard physical labor,that leads to dysfunction of regulation of cardiovascular and other systems, metabolism and development of degenerative diseases (atherosclerosis, etc.) (Rogozhin, MF 1999). Being engaged in fitness man finds himself in a world of new feelings, positive emotions, becomes a good mood, cheerfulness, cheerfulness, feels a surge of strength.

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