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If you nominate more than pure fun celebration carnival type allowed a significant relief in a suit: indicated putting "dress with a train "or" or mashkeradny suit "to be" high dress and hat, "or in "Russian sarafan" and "dancing gentlemen" - the military - in the "ordinary form ", a state - in the" little uniforms and ribbons. Elizabeth is known to be madly in love courtiers Entertainment masquerades and carnivals with the ideas, parades and surprises. Once a week for masquerades gathered members of the court and representatives of the nobility invited by the Empress. Usually - a man 150-200. On another day, organized masquerades for all high-ranking officials in the rank not lower than colonel. Those in capital, recruited up to 800. Sometimes the palace allowed even eminent merchants.

In 1742 a special decree established rules of court visits masquerades: their members were to be only in expensive dresses, and certainly in accompanied by numerous workers.Representatives of the first two classes supposed to be in possession of 8 to 12 footmen, 2-4 guard, single pages, and 2 rangers. Young, slim Empress were very masculine clothes, so she invented special kind of masquerade - titled "Metamorphosis". The men were in Palace in baggy dresses with hoop, and the ladies - men's suits. Masks not worn. Most of the participants in such masquerades looked ugly in their dresses. One only empress, stately and graceful, equally well looked in any suit.

Years passed and already in the reign of Empress Anna Ivanovna was again played Masquerade mock wedding. Having decided to marry his jesters, dwarfs, Anna Ivanovna told in Petersburg ice of the river to build a palace of ice which was the wedding. On the one hand it was a real wedding, on the other hand it was a Masquerade .. The guests were dressed in different costumes, and the bride and groom arrived in sleigh pulled by pigs, (by the way the story is taken from the Shrovetide festivities). After the wedding procession in fancy dress went through the whole city Ice Palace on the ice of the Neva, where a grand ball, which was the kind of performance. The whole city is a great stalls, looking at the scene or a function of workers of the scene.

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