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Battement tendu demi plie consists of battement tendu simple and demi plie. Starting position I or V position. A working leg to play in a given direction (forward, side, back) according to the rules battement tendu (with pivot foot is pulled out), then returns to its original position.Finally - demi plie on both legs. By repeating battement pivot foot stretches, then also marks demi plie on both legs, etc.

Movement of the legs must be coordinated: extension and flexion (demi plie) working and supporting legs occurs simultaneously. Double battement tendu is a kind of battement tendu simple. Performed with the lowering of the heel on the floor in the II position (rarely IV position). Double battement tendu can be executed with a single, double, triple and a lowering of the heel on the floor. At the time of sinking heel muscles are strained, lifting retains elasticity, the center of gravity body remains on the supporting leg. Performance doubles battements tendus, especially with repeated lowering heel promotes feet, strengthens the ligaments and develops the elasticity Achilles tendon, recovery and fingers.

Doubles battements tendus, as battements tendus simples, we study first at a slow pace, amounting to 4 / 4 or 2 / 4. The emphasis falls on the movement of subsidence heels on the floor.At $ 2 / 4 foot per cycle is put aside, in II position (for the IV position - forward or backward) in the first quarter of the heel falls to the floor. Between the first and second quarter (the third eighth), the rise stretches, foot touches the toe of the floor and the second quarter returns original position. Doubles battements tendus often combined with battements tendus simples. Example: make four battements tendus simples in the direction in the V position for two tact on 2 / 4. In the last eight of the second cycle to withdraw his foot on the II position. In the first eight third cycle lower your heels on the floor and pull the rise. At second and third eighth to do the same. Fourth-eighth - a pause: the leg maintained at the elongated toe. On the fourth cycle to repeat all the movements preceding cycle. Then a combination of repeats.

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