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In the first quarter of the first cycle, working leg is held in position I forward. In the second quarter of play in an arc through the II position back. At the first quarter of the second cycle leg again conducted by I stand forward. On the second - on an arc through the II position assigned ago, etc. The movement is executed as in the direction of en dehors, and in the direction of en dedans.

Finished form. Size 2 / 4. Movement precedes the preparation of I or V position, performed by one stroke going. En dehors. In the first eight - demi plie. On the second leg of the eighth working play forward on an elongated toe, base remains on the demi plie, hand rises in the I position. On the third leg of the eighth, sliding toe on the floor, on arc is put aside, while supporting leg straightens out demi plie, the hand opens in the II position. On the fourth toe on the eighth leg floor is given on an arc back.

In the first eight of the first cycle leg of a musical phrase is conducted by I position forward.On the eighth play of the second arc through II position back. On the third eighth again conducted by I stand forward. Thus there is continuous motion of the foot. Each circle marks over one quarter. When learning the fused form rond de jambe par terre en dehors transition from a en dedans should be done from IV position: foot forward completes the circle an elongated toe and carried away by the position of I ago for performance en dedans. Rond de jambe par terre can be accelerated, eight lobes, and also combine the performance of fourth and eighth.

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