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In Russia fitness has come relatively recently, about 20 years ago. By the time the Russians have almost forgotten how to look after themselves. To beginning of the historical changes in the 80 years in our country fitness was not. It was just a sport and physical education. The word "sport", after all, means professional training in some type of physical activity. Aim sport on a global scale to achieve the best results compared to other athletes in this sport. Sportsmen specifically trained under the guidance of an experienced mentor, participate in competitions, winning medals. In Soviet times, everything associated with sports was a matter of prestige of the state, so the sports industry experienced a heyday, was a testimony to the number of medals that our athletes have brought to the world competition at any level.

Culture of physical activity of the individual and society as a whole. The absolute availability of physical education for everyone and was the basis for success of our sport. A free opportunity to engage in numerous sections at schools, houses of culture, sports complexes were each person of any age. Children and teenagers who showed their abilities, able to count on further studies have in sports schools sports for higher achievements. If a special talent is not revealed, so no Still, it was possible to engage in any number just for their own pleasure and maintaining good physical shape (Steele SA 1999). It is the prototype of Training and fashionable fitness today. If the development of our society has gone the other way, then we'll both be and continued to engage in physical exercise = fitness at the expense of the state and free for yourself. The word fitness means nothing more than just "Be in (good physical) form."

Simply from the early 80-s gymnastics in our country had ceased to develop, and, moreover, began gradually to decline. Every year our stadiums and sports complexes morally obsolete, new equipment is not developed, research in the field of physical education and Sports practically carried out. So when a few years later in Moscow opened its first fitness - club, built to the standards of Western athletic science (after all exercises "there" not for one second stop in its development), we all thought it was a totally new phenomenon, because to At this point we are already quite far behind.

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