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Scientists have proven that regular exercise not only prevent these losses, but sometimes can help increase in bone density (with the right lifestyle and the full nutrition).

For dealing with fitness area increased attention is - the spine. "The Importance of" spine due to the fact that 90% of physical discomfort they have in life, connected with this body. From well-being depends largely on the spine and physical well-being rights in general. Particularly anxious attitude to the spine "experiences" fitness - system. In fitness "His Majesty" is devoted to a special section in the technology "Fitness - therapy. "Complexes fitness - training focused on the spine, take into account the main problems in patients with osteochondrosis and sciatica spine, such as: violation of the mobility of the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs relative to each other, the violation of the mobility vertebral-motor segments for certain parts of vertebral column. At This takes into account that blood flow to the intervertebral disc is fully reduced to 20-23 years in human life, and then his power is mainly diffusion method, which is why lack of training - the implementation special movements that contribute to diffusion, leads to degidrotatsii drive its desiccation and degeneration. (Dorofeeva TS 1997).

One of the main tasks of the vertebrates' fitness - complexes is the removal of pathologic stereotypes using man of his support- musculoskeletal system, the development of proper coordination relations in run-time movements. That's why Fitness - exercise focused on the spine, using and developing all possible its direction of motion: bending and unbending, lateral bending, rotating movement, twisting the compulsory fixing of one of the limb girdle,using the initial supine, the abdomen,sitting and standing. In some cases, bending the torso is assumed two-handled lock necknot be permitted certain angles between the trunk and lower limbs. Any exceptions to the freedom of movement in pathological states vertebral count towards the fitness - complexes. (Sheehy KK 2001).

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