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Secondly, there is a "fitness" as a sport, a relatively recently within the framework of competitive bodybuilding. Increased supporters maximum development of physical qualities of women, on the one hand, and rapidly going to decline in popularity of competitive female Bodybuilding, on the other, identified the need for changing the form and criteria for which could compete women. Realized this trend as quite popular now, competition for "fitness", where the score is, as body proportions athletes, and ability to master this body, shown in a called arbitrary program (Medina EN 2000). Who is at the origin of nucleation fitness is not known, but there are several Version history of fitness.

Antique. For this version of the fitness goal - the internal harmony and external beauty. This is what is sought in the 5 th century BC Greeks, devoting themselves to sports and athletics is turning into a kind of art. It was a lesson for the elite. Moreover, the daily hours-long training made the sport profession - antique god-like athletes spend all their time training to win at the Olympics. Slightly Later, in the 2 century AD Arts Athletics reached Rome, and athletic competitions were there favorite folk spectacles. All this has happened, though very long time. All that our civilization has to date - all thence, from the ancient Greeks, from the ancient Romans. Art, science, philosophy, worldview - the laws of architecture and geometry, the principles of versification and Plato's view of the world, the foundations of physics, chemistry, medicine, the basis of European language (without which the unthinkable and Russian) and so on. And now this - fitress. The word new, but the meaning of old. Fitness Club - a place for recreation health and sports. Finally, we have evolved to ensure that remember what was and terms such as ancient Rome, a place that served no only for hygienic procedures, but also for physical exercises, and cultural entertainment. In addition to its direct purpose and related services (medical, entertainment, sporting nature),these structures have a broader purpose - a place vtrechi to society.Later, similar institutions have existed in many European countries. However, unlike the ancient term, even in the most luxury of them there was nothing designed for exercise.

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