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Thus, systematic studies can get a good health, improve health, provide aesthetic impact on involved. It is this fitness intensively and becoming increasingly popular among people of different age categories and different level of physical preparedness.

1.The term "fitness" means diversifying the physical abilities while improving well-being in the classroom fitness. Allows you to save and strengthen health, balances the emotional state improves physical form.Fitness allows a person to live fully, to be free of controlled risk factors. With the help of fitness developed potential physical abilities.

2. Special salutary effect on fitness training is associated with increased features of the cardiovascular system.It is economization of cardiac work at rest and increased reserve capacity of the circulatory apparatus in muscle activity.

3. Fitness training beneficial effect on the respiratory system of man,because in the process of training increases the number of alveoli,involved in work, increases vital capacity. Breathing apparatus developed thus allows better absorb oxygen, which provides full cell activity, and thereby increases the efficiency of the organism.

4.Under the influence of regular physical exercises muscle man increase in volume, become stronger, increasing their elasticity.

The movement has a significant influence on the development and shape of bones, which attached muscles.Physical exercise has a positive effect on all the elements of the locomotive system, preventing the development of degenerative changes associated with age and physical activity. Increased mineralization bone tissue and calcium in the body that hinders the development osteoporosis.Increases lymph flow to the intervertebral joint cartilage and disk, which is the best means of preventing osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis. All these data indicate that the impact of wellness training fitness on the human body.

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