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There are also fitness - programs that combine various specialized training. These include:

- Martial arts such as karate, aikido, judo, boxing and of course, popular now learned tai-bo, which combines energetic music, and various techniques of martial arts.

- Yoga.

- Different techniques of meditation, as with music, and without him.This niyya (Neuromuscular integrative action), Gurdjieff Dance and much more.

If fitness - club equipped with a swimming pool, there is a program of aqua - fitness. These include: aqua - aerobics in shallow and deep waters, aqua - Jogging (Walking in the water), scuba - diving, and more another. The most popular is, of course, aqua - aerobics. Classes carried out using special equipment - aqua - belts, to retain the body in an upright position in deep water aqua- gloves, like frog legs, colorful aqua - dumbbells and aqua - bars, aqua - step and much more. Any fitness - club offers the use of the gym. For a fee you can take advantage of additional services, the number of which depends on the level of the club and can vary greatly: Perseus tional training, massage, beautician, hairdresser, beauty salon, SPA, and more.

What should I do if hard to pick just a big sum for membership in fitness - the club? Do not deal with the fate of fitness? Not at all. Fitness - is a much broader concept than just a regular visit fitness - the club, equipped with lots of modern equipment and offering dozens of different services (and not very necessary). If you really want to keep in shape, you always find the correct way, whatever you're doing, the main thing - the regularity and receiving pleasure from what you are doing (Mayr, NB 2000). Unconditional victory and enduring popularity of fitness due to the fact that involved is not offered pace yourself exercises and diets. Fitness not tires - many of them are engaged in the mornings, before work, toning your body. Fitness - this is strictly a scientific system of human perfection. For maximum effect of fitness classes helpful to know the scientific principles of fitness - exercise.

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