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This is throwing battements, but after throwing a 45 leg did not immediately return to I or V position (as in battement tendu jete), and falls on outstretched sock.Performed as all battements, forward, side and back of I or V position. The campaign starts in tact with a throw feet at 45 and first performed by quarters: one-eighth shot on the other eight - the return on the toe. Then with the toe again made the throw, after which the foot is returned to the original I or V position. In its final form battements tendus jetes pointes performed by one-eighth in a row and repeat three to five times, then ends in I or V position. You can change the direction of movement of legs and at an altitude of 45 , and then continue jetes pointes in a different direction. In all directions and rates of toe contact with the floor should short, jerky.

Ronds de jambe par terre - the circular motion of his feet on the floor in the direction en dehors and en dedans. En dehors. From the position I play a working leg forward, and moves along the arc through position II back to position against the I position. The rise and fingers stretch. Sock is not removed from the floor.Continuing the motion, the leg with lowered to the ground heel conducted by I stand forward. Hence movement repeated in the same direction (en dehors). Pulling the leg forward, should start moving the heel, strongly advancing it; assigning a leg in an arc through the II position back, continue to hold the heel Reverse.

En dedans. From the position I play a working leg back into position against point position and I through II position on the arc continues to move forward. Then again in a position I held back. Hence the motion is repeated. The extraction step back, you should start moving from the nose and keep it with Reverse heel in an arc through the II position forward. General remarks. In ronds de jambe par terre (en dehors and en dedans) remains marginal Reverse and tension throughout the legs. Observe correct direction of his legs back and forth along a straight line, putting the sock precisely against the reference point in the I position. If the toe extends beyond beyond these points, the uniformity of the rotation is broken. Summing up the leg to the I position, feet should "pick up" and carry no "Dam" on the thumb. Muscles working legs did not dissolve.

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